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My First Half-Term at GFS

5th November 2012

One of our pupils, Jade, has written an account of her first half-term at GFS - read on for a wonderful insight into life at the school, and what she has enjoyed about her time here so far...

My first seven weeks at GFS have been phenomenal and couldn't have been better! I've enjoyed every single moment of it, picking GFS was definitely the right choice for me. Everyone at GFS has helped create a good community and a family because we work together - collaboration, as the GFS brain says.

I look forward to all of the subjects but my top three are Philosophy, Maths and Modern Foreign Languages (MFL). The reason I like Philosophy is because I like the thought experiments we talk about.

Alsoo I learned about two famous Utilitarians: John Stuart Mill - known as JS Mill - and Immanuel Kant - known as Immanuel K. JS Mill's Big Idea is to always make a decision for the greatest good for the greatest number of people - 'GGFGN'. Immanuel K's Big Idea is that you should only do something if you want it to be a universal law.

For example, if you were in a situation where there were ten people and a leader who was about to shoot them. When you discover them the leader says, "I'm going to shoot them, but I will spare you your life, or I'll let them go and you die." JS Mill would say you should die to save ten people as they are the majority group. Can you think of another one? Why shouldn't Kant's Big Idea apply for this situation?

I've also enjoyed Maths, especially using logic in counting chickens. We had to find a sequence called Jude's Theorem which was: chickens - lines = intersections (C-L=I). MFL is excellent as well, we do many things like making conversation in French!

The Open Days were a great success. Having 1,200 people through the door was amazing and I privileged to be able to be a tour guide four times during the open evenings. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I hope the Year 6s choose our school.

Three weeks ago Year 7 pupils went to a Local Heritage day in Woolwich for part of our Drop Down Friday, it was excellent! We participated in a variety of interesting activities such as; I-spy with a historical link, dressing up (to compare what they wore in the three different time periods - Renaissance, Tudors and Romans), looking at ancient artefacts and writing about what life was like during the First World War!

Can you believe that one day into half-term I wanted to go back to school!

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