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Greenwich Free School


As a free school, we do not have to follow the national curriculum. In many areas we do, where it provides a solid foundation from which to move toward A-level study. However we are free to adapt it, spending more time on the basics of English, Maths and Science, and introducing new subjects, such as Philosophy, Politics and Economics, right from year 7.

Our curriculum:

• Focuses on depth before breadth, enabling our pupils to concentrate on mastering the essentials of English and Maths

Engages and excites our pupils through non-classroom learning in our innovative 'Enrichment' programme of daily and fortnightly extra-curricular activities designed to support the core curriculum

• Is closely personalised to the needs of individual pupils, for example including 'Mastery classes' in English and Maths to help support pupils where necessary

Picture of girls studying

Pupils spend more time than most state schools on English, Maths and Science - but our extended day means we also have time for a broad range of other subjects such as sport, the humanities and the creative arts.

Three days a week pupils choose from a range of exciting extra curricular activities, such as sports teams, music, dance, debating, arts and crafts, model UN and cultural excursions.

In 2013/14, pupils at the Greenwich Free School will study the following subjects in Year Seven:


Hours per fortnight

Traditional core curriculum

English (inc drama)

10 hours


8 hours


8 hours

Breadth curriculum


4 hours


3 hours

PPE (Politics, Philosophy and Economics, including RS)

3 hours

Computer Science and Enterprise

4 hours


3 hours


3 hours


2 hours


2 hours


4 hours

Enrichment curriculum

Independent Learning Projects

3 hours

After-school extra-curricular clubs

6 hours

Enrichment day (once each fortnight)

6 hours

Details of what we're teaching in each subject can be found on our subject-specific websites, which you can find here.

We aim to combat the 'one size fits all' approach by personalising pupils' timetables so every child is supported and challenged at the right level.

We organise pupils into classes of 25, with no more than 100 in a year group - so we really get to know each pupil as an individual, and are better able to support and stretch them appropriately.

Our standard curriculum is a starting point from which we design personalised and flexible timetables for pupils. For example, if a pupil falls behind in his or her core Maths class, we would replace a non-core subject (like one of the two foreign languages) with a maths Mastery Class.

Our aim is that all our pupils, whatever their learning needs or talents, will fulfil their potential.

Stretch and challenge

We are committed to excellence and are aiming to prepare every one of our pupils for university or full-time employment in a respected profession by:

• Providing them with excellent role models - high-calibre teachers who went to top universities themselves

• Inspiring pupils with trips to top universities and workplaces from Year 7 onwards, so pupils immediately set their sights high

• Pairing our older pupils with mentors from top universities

• Providing a stretching curriculum that supports our pupils to gain the kind of respected qualifications and experiences that will prepare them well for university

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Nurture and support

We invest heavily in supporting our pupils who have special educational needs to ensure they reach their potential. We support pupils with special needs (SEN) in the classroom wherever possible, so that they can learn alongside their peers. We also provide additional smaller 'Mastery Classes' for any pupils who require that little bit extra to access the curriculum.

Our Deputy Headteacher is our SEN coordinator, reflecting the importance of this post. When we are at scale, our SEN coordinator will be an Assistant Headteacher. The SENCO works with all our staff to ensure that they know how best to support each pupil as an individual.

Further information

We hope this page provides you with a useful overview of the content of, and our approach to, our curriculum provision. If you would like further details, please take a look at our prospectus and if that does not answer your questions, email our Deputy Headteacher in charge of Curriculum through

Because we do not yet have any GCSE pupils, we do not currently offer any GCSE options nor any other Key Stage 4 qualifications.

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