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    Welcome to Greenwich Free School. Our purpose as a school is crystal clear; to ensure every pupil succeeds, regardless of background or previous attainment, by providing outstanding teaching and pastoral care. We are a smaller than average secondary school and we have a very clear view of what we are trying to achieve. We insist on high standards from pupils and staff, adopting a 'no excuses' approach to attitude, work and discipline in which everyone takes responsibility for their actions.

    We start every morning with a dedicated reading time. This ensures we can allow time for sustained independent reading and offer targeted literacy support where necessary. We know that developing a love of reading amongst every one of our pupils is one of the best ways of helping to ensure GCSE and A level success. Added to this we build in time for our tutors to build strong relationships, and this dedicated tutor time also gives space for our innovative Wellbeing and Philosophy 4 Children programmes.

    Our extended day also ensures we can offer more lessons than most schools to ensure our pupils are fully prepared for GCSEs, A-levels and University. Our pupils spend much more time than in most state schools on English, Maths and Science, but our extended day also provides time for a broad range of other subjects such as sport, the humanities and the creative arts. Extra-curricular clubs are compulsory three days a week at GFS, because they’re a great way to develop skills, discover new passions, and have fun! We also offer a supervised homework space during this time to help pupils develop independent learning skills, but with access to subject specific support and a school library.

    We invest in recruiting and training the very best teachers and support staff. We give them training every Thursday afternoon to ensure they are always developing and engaging with the latest research. We know that there are no shortcuts and that success comes from continuous effort and sustained practice. We expect a lot from our pupils but we believe they receive a lot in return. 

    Oliver Knight

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