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Greenwich Free School

We believe that all pupils can succeed if given outstanding teaching and pastoral care.

The Greenwich Free School is a smaller, more personal school, with just 100 pupils in each year group. This means teachers get to know every pupil as an individual and are able to closely nurture and challenge them all.

We demand a lot, setting high standards for pupils and staff, with a 'no excuses' approach to attitude, work and discipline. We also recognise the importance of pupils' wellbeing – building their characters and skills, and developing young people who will truly flourish. We operate a longer school day, a wide range of daily extra-curricular activities and a more personalised curriculum for our pupils. Crucially, our teachers are given the time, training and management support to be truly outstanding.

Our curriculum focuses on depth before breadth. Our priority is to ensure every pupil masters the most important subjects and skills – particularly English and Maths – as a base for further study and the world of work. Our objective is to develop pupils who are happy at school and committed to doing the best they can. We want all our pupils to be able to reach university and succeed there.

Life in the Greenwich Free School is hard work, but it is also truly engaging, exciting and fun. It is a school of which our pupils are proud – and we are proud of each and every one of them.

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